Рейдер Александр

Акцент - American

⏱ Возраст: 48
⚡ Опыт преподавания: 7 лет
⏰ Загруженность: 60%
⛑ Акцент: American

As a qualified English tutor with 7 years of varied experience, there’s much I can offer to the education of people.
I am a certified teacher and I am one hundred percent sure that any language is really practiced with pleasure and visible results! If you have a purpose and a desire, then you are in the right place. If you do not want to learn a language, but LIVE it - then you are at the right place as well.
I will help you to prepare for business english, external evaluation, for an interview at an international company or just for going abroad - English for life and travel.
The topics of our conversations are very diverse and will allow you to expand your vocabulary actively.
I can help you develop professional skills. Teaching my students of grown-up age by providing work-based learning and to offer quality education and consulting if needed.
I'm broad-minded, dependable, initiative, versatile and responsible.
Easy and friendly atmosphere in class is guaranteed!

❤️ Звание: Гуру грамматики

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