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Ольга Талько

Teacher’s feedback

provided by your final speaking test teacher

Viktoriia Polishchuk

Olga is a very nice person and it was pleasant to talk to her. She was a little bit nervous, but coped with that She is good at discussing different topics. It wasn’t a problem for her to answer my questions and she understood almost everything. She is ready to work on her mistakes and listened attentively to my comments. I think she needs more practice to feel more comfortable in speaking.


Olga was not very confident while speaking at the beginning and tried to use complicated words which she didn’t know. But then we discussed how to paraphrase some of them.


For B1 level - 7/10. She didn’t use all the necessary tenses. And there were some mistakes in the usage of adverbs\adjectives and modal verbs.


Private; chemical; products.


The student asked when she didn’t understand me.

Speaking pace

She spoke not very fast, but clearly.

Conversation flow the ability to carry out the conversation

Not very confident, was afraid of forgetting the necessary word.


There were some pauses, but not long.

Ability of self-correction while speaking

She didn’t correct herself, but asked about the suitable word or grammar.

The ability to get really in depth into topics

She could speak about any topic, but had a lack of vocabulary.

Concluding part: Thank you so much for joining our AntiSchool Team! It was a pleasure teaching you! You have made a great progress in learning English, and I am proud of you! You started being more confident in speaking and you have learnt a lot of new words and collocations during our lessons! What I would recommend you is to pay more attention to your grammar (tenses, don’t be scared using Present Perfect and Present Perfect Continuous, -s/ - es ending after he/ she/ it, have/ has, past forms of the verbs/ irregular verbs) and not to hesitate when you have a chance to speak! Practice makes perfect, so when you have such opportunity, use it to practice your speaking skills! I want to wish you good luck and to get more and more achievements in English!
Your AntiSchool teacher, JuliaJ