Mission 28
Rock On!

Гид в QuestEng
Summer's here and there's a big music fest at QuestEng. In this mission we'll talk about your music tastes and preferences. As well as your favorite bands. You shall buy tickets to the music fest for you and Elisa and afterwards attend a backstage party.
genres of music
classical - классическая
jazz - джаз
hip-hop - хип-хоп
electronic - электронная
rock - рок
disco - диско
fusion - фьюжн
pop music - поп-музыка
country - кантри
blues - блюз
reggae - регги
indie - инди
general words describing music
musical harmony - музыкальная гармония
beat - бит
tempo - темп
upbeat - приподнятое настроение в музыке
chord - аккорд
tune - мелодия
rhythm - ритм
groove - грув
lyrics - текст песни
chorus - припев
track - трэк
album - альбом
band - группа
orchestra - оркестр
a cappella - акапелла
ambient - обтекающий
national anthem - государственный гимн
disc jockey - диск-жокей
jamming - зажигать
cover - кавер
to rock - качать
phrases about music
turn up the music - включить музыку
dance to the beat - танцевать в такт
catchy song - запоминающаяся песня
dance till we drop - танцевать, пока ноги не отвалятся
go to that gig/concert/show - пойти на концерт
It makes my ears bleed - Кровь из ушей (жуткая музыка)
I love your playlist - Мне нравится твой плейлист
This is our song - Это наша песня
I can't get this song out of my head - Я не могу избавиться от этой песни в голове
top the charts - возглавить чарты
other related words
improvisation - импровизация
artificial sound - искусственный звук
reverb vocals - реверберация вокала
electric synthesizers - электрические синтезаторы
concerto - концерт
symphony - симфония
fugue - фуга
musical notation - музыкальная нотация
pitch - подача
twang - гнусавить
yodel - петь йодлем
offbeat sound - необычный звук
acoustic guitar - акустическая гитара
brass instruments - духовые инструменты
bass drum - басовый барабан
bass guitar - бас-гитара
drum - барабан
drumsticks - барабанные палочки
electric guitar - электрогитара
grand piano - рояль
flute - флейта
harp - арфа
synthesizer - синтезатор
to face the music - расхлёбывать кашу
to blow my own trumpet - умничать
a whistle stop tour - увлекательное путешествие
like a broken record - как заезженная пластинка
bang on - бесконечно твердить
change the record - сменить пластинку
struck a chord - задеть за живое
call the tune - кто платит, тот и заказывает музыку
fit as a fiddle - здоров как бык
music to my ears - музыка для моих ушей
play second fiddle - играть роль второй скрипки
jazz it up - оживить
drum it into someone's heads - вбить в голову
Задание: Выучи лексику с этого урока с помощью карточек Quizlet. Мы рекомендуем скачать приложение Quizlet на телефон и добавить себе карточки этого урока.
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Оцени свой уровень английского от 1 до 10
Рабочее время: Пн-Пт с 10:00 до 19:00. Принимаем заявки круглосуточно.
Аудио-привет от гидов
Гид в QuestEng
Music is an essential part of our lives.
I mean how could we survive without singing in the showers and in the cars?
Our guides are going to tell you about their favorite bands and singers.
Задание: Послушай топ шутки со всего мира.
My favorite band: Aerosmith
"Janie's Got A Gun" was the very first song that I heard from Aerosmith. Yet many years after that, it still remains to be my all-time favorite hit from the band. We were in the car with my family on our way home and the song immediately grabbed my attention. It was the orchestral feel of the song and the moments of pure rock that really got me hooked.
Aerosmith has been rocking the world since 1970. And their "Dream On," "Pink" "Walk This Way," and "Sweet Emotion" are the earworm power ballads of 1990s till now.
all-time favorite - фаворит всех времен
grab attention - привлечь внимание
get hooked - подсесть
power ballads - рок-баллада
My favorite band: Imagine Dragons
Dan Reynolds, the lead singer, songwriter and the founder of the band believes they are an atypical rock band. They are not covered in tattoos, not making antisocial statements, yet have the spirit of rock'n'roll.
Their song "Radioactive" topped the charts for a record-shattering 87 weeks, and the band's 2012 debut album, Night Visions, went double-platinum in the United States.
I think Imagine Dragons are a perfect balance between rock and pop music. Dan Reynolds grew up loving masters of rock melody like Elton John and Harry Nilsson.
When he sang, his brothers would tease him about his voice. But he learned the drums, and at around 12 years old, stole his older brother Mac's microphone and began recording a cappella songs of his own invention.
lead singer - ведущий певец
songwriter - автор песен
founder - основатель
atypical - нетипичный
statement - заявление
record-shattering - рекордное
tease - дразнить
invention – изобретение
My favorite singer: Ed Sheeran
Who is the first person you think of when somebody is talking about a male singer with red hair? What song had been played one hundred and fifty million since it was released a few years ago? Yep. It's Ed Sheeran and his best one – "Thinking out loud". When I heard Ed's voice for the first time, I was deeply attracted.
I fell in love with his voice in just seconds. Ed had talent in music from childhood. He joined the choir at four. And he was able to play the guitar at ten and started to write songs in junior high school.
He moved to London and started to make music in 2008. And he experienced many times in singing and performance. His works caught Elton John' and Jamie Foxx's attentions at that time, they became Ed's benefactors.
Ed is one of the most successful British singers.
deeply attracted - глубоко привлечен
catch attentions - привлечь внимание
benefactors – благотворители
My favorite singer: Taylor Swift
I like Taylor Swift so much. She's a talent. I have been her fan for over three years now. Everything seems better when I listen to her songs.
Taylor currently plays a very important role in American music. No one would have believed that this small town girl would become a worldwide phenomenon. She first became famous as a top country music singer.
Her success came at a high price. She has been writing songs since she was 13 years old. She was trying hard to make her dream come true while other children of her age were playing, dating and having fun at parties.
She was repelled by her classmates at that time, so she expressed her thoughts by singing them. That's why so many people identify with her songs and they quickly spread around the world.
Many fans have been attracted by both her songs and personality. Her story encourages you never to lose yourself when you're in trouble.
phenomenon – явление
to repel – отталкивать
to express – выражать
encourage – поощрять
Задание: Закрепи свои знания в переписке.
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