Mission 26
Keeping Up with The World

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In this mission you are going to:
- learn to talk about current events,
- talk about news reporting
- think about important events highlighting methods
- see how to keep up-to-date
- know how to use passive voice 2
- find out about reporting verbs
people who make news
journalist - журналист
newspaperman - журналист
correspondent - корреспондент
anchor - ведущий журналист
announcer - диктор
reporter - репортер
weather person - метеоролог
columnists - обозреватель
celebrity - знаменитость
editorial board - редакционная коллегия
types of media
broadcast journalism - журналистика широкого вещания
print media - печатные СМИ
online media - онлайн-медиа
citizen journalism - гражданская журналистика
independent media - независимые СМИ
broadsheets - плакаты, листовки
tabloids - таблоиды
24 hour news channels - 24-часовые новостные каналы
yellow journalizm - желтая пресса
blogosphere - блогосфера
broadcast - широковещательный
column - колонка
investigative journalism - журналистские расследования
magazines - журналы
periodical - периодическое издание
glossie - глянец
serial - последовательный
interpersonal media - межличностные СМИ
newsprint - газетная бумага
rolling news - прокатка новости
to cover a story - освещать историю
in-depth coverage of - углубленное освещение
to verify - проверять
eyewitness reports - свидетельства очевидцев
media events - медиа события
propaganda - пропаганда
trial balloons - утечка информации
talking heads - говорящие головы
byline - подпись автора
primetime - ПРАЙМ-тайм
breaking news - экстренные новости
types of news
hard news - тяжелые новости
soft news - легкие новости
feature - освещать
article - статья
editorial - редакционный
column - колонка
review - рассмотрение
news bulletin - сводка новостей
newspaper / magazine sections
international - международные новости
politics - новости политики
business - бизнес новости
opinion - мнение
technology - новости технологий
science - новости науки
health - новости о здоровье
sports - новости спорта
arts - новости искусства
style - новости стиль
food - новости питания
editorial article - редакционная статья
leading article - ведущая статья
travel - новости о путешествиях
types of advertising
commercial - реклама
native advertisement - нативная реклама
ad - объявление
advertainment - реклама
billboard - рекламный щит
sponsored - спонсорская реклама
people in print
columnist - обозреватель
editor - редактор
journalist - журналист
editorialist - пишущий передовые статьи
copy editor - редактор текстов
paparazzi - папарацци
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There is no doubt that the media plays an important role in everyone's life.
That is why we decided to talk about it today.
Задание: Послушай 4 топ новости.
News 1
News 2
News 3
News 4
News 1: Meat companies say: eat your veggies
Meat companies are making it easier for you to eat your vegetables by blending them into burgers, meatballs and sausages. A new line of meat-and-veggie burgers and meatballs is introduced at grocery stores next month. Quest Foods is already selling a beef and pea protein patties as well as blended sausages. All are hoping to quell consumers' growing misgivings about meat and its impact on health and the environment. The United Nations called for reduced meat consumption last year, saying agriculture and food production was responsible for 37% of global greenhouse gas emissions. A recent Harvard study suggested that boosting consumption of red meat increases the risk of early death. "It's important that we don't have a fear-based reaction to the change but look at the underlying needs," said Quest Foods CEO. "People want changes – we provide them."
blend - смешивать
grocery stores – продуктовые магазины
quell - успокаивать, остановить
misgivings – сомнения, опасения
greenhouse gas emissions – выбросы парниковых газов
boost – повышение
underlying – лежащий в основе
News 2: SpaceX aborts rocket launch after countdown
Elon Musk's SpaceX signed a contract to send the first fully private flight with tourists and a tour guide to the International Space Station in the second half of 2021.
Three, two, one, zero, grounded.

A SpaceX rocket launch was aborted after countdown finished on Sunday at Kennedy Space Center. Although some of the Falcon 9's rockets had already ignited, a power issue triggered an auto abort, the company said.
Huge plumes of smoke appeared into the air while the rocket stayed in place on the launch pad.

The rocket was set to launch 60 new satellites into orbit. SpaceX said it will determine a date to re-attempt the launch.
launch – запуск
aborted – прерванный
countdown – обратный отсчет
ignited – воспламеняться
power issue – проблема с энергией
triggered – сработал
plumes of smoke – клубы дыма
launch pad
– стартовая площадка
satellites – спутники
determine – определить
re-attempt – повторная попытка
News 3: Spanish King renounces inheritance from father
Spain's royal house says that King Felipe VI has renounced any future personal inheritance he could receive from his father, King Emerit Juan Carlos I, over the financial irregularities involving the former monarch, the country's royal house announced on Sunday.

On Saturday, the British newspaper The Telegraph reported that Felipe was named as a beneficiary of an offshore fund that controls the Swiss account with 65-million-euro gift from Saudi Arabia given to his father when he was on the throne.

Juan Carlos, 82 y.o., became king in November 1975 and reigned until his abdication in June 2014.

Felipe, 52 y.o., denied any knowledge of the fund in Sunday's statement.
royal - королевский
renounce - отрекаться
financial irregularities - финансовые нарушения
former - бывший
beneficiary - бенефициар
throne - трон
reigned - царствовать
abdication - отречение
deny - отказываться от
News 4: Storm hitting California with up to 6 feet of snow possible
A large storm system on the West Coast is already bringing very heavy snow to the northern and central California Mountains in what looks to be the most significant storm so far this season for parts of the state.
Snowfall rates could be quite intense with locally up to 4 inches per hour possible this morning. This will make any travel in the region extremely dangerous.
Heavy rain is also starting to spread down the coast with possible local flooding. Additionally, winds over 40 mph will be possible in parts of central and southern California as the storm slides into the region.
significant – существенный
rates – скорость
intense - интенсивный
locally - в местном масштабе
flooding - затопление
slide into - просочиться
Задание: Закрепи знания в переписке.
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