Mission 22
Fan-tastic Sports

Гид в QuestEng
Turns out Alex is a big football fan and he has invited you to a soccer match.
It this mission you're going to follow Alex to a sports bar to meet his friends talk about sports and go to the football match after.
sports paraphernalia (equipment)
whistle - свисток
paddle - ракетка
racket - ракетка
club - клюшка для гольфа
bat - бейсбольная бита
glove - перчатка
hoop - обруч
weights - веса
puck - шайба
hockey stick - хоккейная клюшка
mouthguard - каппа
net - сеть
sports people
umpire - судья
referee - судья
players - игроки
coach - тренер
fan - фанат
opponent - противник
spectators - зрителей
teammate - товарищ по команде
trainer - тренер
shin pads - щитки
shoulder pads - подплечники
trunks - спортивные трусы
helmet - шлем
swimming suit - купальный костюм
tracksuit - спортивный костюм
jersey - джерси
uniform - форма
skates - коньки
sports places
sports court - спортивная площадка
pitch - подача
ice rink - каток
stadium - стадион
arena - арена
score - гол
bounce - подпрыгивать
lift - поднимать
pass - пасовать
climb - взобраться
dribble - вести мяч
head the ball - отбить мяч головой
kick the ball - пнуть мяч
tackle - снасти
cheer on - болеть за
push - отталкивать
trip the player - отключить игрока
compete - конкурировать
team - команда
goal - футбольные ворота
extra time - дополнительное время
tied score - ничья
penalty shootout - пенальти
goalkeeper - вратарь
offside - положение вне игры
fouls - фол
free kick - штрафной удар
dangerous play - опасная игра
issue a yellow card - выдать желтую карточку
issue a red card - выдать красную карточку
substitute player - запасной игрок
tactical reasons - тактические причины
sport commentary
The team draws first blood. - Команда получает первые очки.
It's a see-saw game. - Это игра как качели, ведут то одни, то другие.
The fans are getting their money's worth. - Фанаты не зря купили билеты.
These two teams are fighting tooth and nail. - Эти две команды борются изо всех сил.
These two teams are going at it like a couple of heavyweights. - Эти две команды сражаются как пара тяжеловесов.
That changed the complexion of the game. - Это изменило ход игры.
That really silenced the crowd. - Это заставило толпу смолкнуть.
The crowd is going wild. - Толпа сходит с ума.
The fans are on their feet. - Поклонники на ногах.
You can feel the electricity. - Чувствуется напряжение в воздухе.
It's a shame somebody has to lose this game. - Обидно, что кто-то должен проиграть.
Great individual effort. - Большое индивидуальное усилие.
The clock is their ally. - Время на их стороне.
The clock is their enemy. - Время не на их стороне.
They're doing all the little things you need to win. - Они делают все, чтобы победить.
sports bar
in action - в деле
chicken wings - куриные крылышки
baby back ribs - ребрышки
catch a game - посмотреть игру
other words and expressions
draw/tie - ничья
half-time/ half - тайм
league - лига
score - счет
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Аудио-привет от гидов
Гид в QuestEng
Now listen to 4 sports events commentaries extracts Alex and his friends have attended recently.
Задание: Послушай, что расскажут гиды.
Hockey Match
Soccer Match
Tennis Match
Hockey Match
Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to QuestEng Hockey Championship Division-III Men's game. This tournament started with 62 teams, and now we're down to the final two. Later today, one of these two teams will be holding the QuestEng National Hockey Championship Trophy.
There's a lot to look forward to this match. There is no dispute that the game about to begin is going to be strong and vibrant, and its on-ice future is incredibly bright. You can literally feel the electricity. Every game, every point is important. In today's national championship, the visiting team, making their third national championship appearance, are champions with a record of 27 wins and 4 draws; and the home team making their fourth national-championship appearance enter today's game with a record of 26 wins and 5 draws. These two teams are in the mood of fighting tooth and nail.
Лексика из аудио
Dispute – спор
Vibrant - атмосферный
Appearance – появление
Soccer Match
This is a huge battle night going on today. Runfast gives away the ball but TeamGreen's attack fizzles out. That really silenced the crowd. The game has started off in a high tempo, which is a great sign. SHOT! Whiteshorts is too slow and the TeamPurple goalkeeper is able to work the ball. Whiteshorts shoot ends up with nothing. TeamGreen initially defends their side but the ball comes back into the middle. The game has been very open in the first eight minutes. CLOSE! Bluetshirts hit it, but the ball ends high of the target. YELLOW CARD! Referee cautions Curlyhairs. Blackhairs has taken a whack to the face and needs to leave the field to clear up his bloodied nose. After 30 seconds or so of treatment on the sidelines, the centre-back is allowed back on. GOAL! Team Green 0-1 Team Purple (ANTHONY FASTLEGS)
Лексика из аудио
Battle - битва
fizzle out - терпеть неудачу
target - цель
caution – предупреждать
whack – удар
treatment – уход
The crowd looks possessed! Captain grins wider than the Joker today, as his team wins. White and Black were terrific upfront, and they looked like they'd take the game away.
Smith and Brown looked the same way before a terrific catch by Green. It's always exciting on a surface like that.
Orange played well, but I think we just lacked the kick at the end of the chase. It's all about making sure you strike.
Anyway, the team had a simple and effective plan. I think getting the winning feeling in is important and I think this is an important game building up to the World Cup.
Лексика из аудио
Possessed – одержимый
Terrific - восхитительный
Surface – поверхность
Lacked – нехватать
Chase - погоня
Tennis Match
Fast wins a point on the Stong's serve for the first time in ages, and then wins a point on his own serve. And another!
Fast gets on the scoreboard with a smash. 3-1.
Big serve. 3-2.
3-3. Advantage eliminated.
Strong attacks the Fast's second serve and wins his fourth point in a row. 4-3
Strong wins one more point. 4-4.
Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. A Strong's shot fails and he's 5-4 down.
Strong roars as he goes 7-6 up.
Fast roars as he draws the level! This. Is. Tense. HE'S DONE IT! Fast falls to the floor and the crowd goes wild. 9-8
Fast wins.
Лексика из аудио
the first time in ages – впервые за долгое время
serve – подача
scoreboard – турнирная таблица
draw the level – выровнять счет
Tense - напряженно
Задание: Закрепи знания.
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