Mission 21

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You've got one more important thing to do apart from preparing a speech. A wedding gift. Got any ideas what it might be? Don't worry. We'll choose your best gift right now.
Задание: Прочитай переписку со Стивом и пообщайся с ним в typeform.
Steve: I have no idea what to buy for Alice and Max for their wedding.
You: Me, neither! I must look the most perfectly and be unique. Would you like to go and buy the gift together?
Steve: Yes, that would be good! I would have gone with Gabby two days ago if I had some extra time.
You: Do you think it's ok if we just give her a sum of money as a gift?
Steve: Don't be boring. They asked the guests not to do so.
You: Really? I didn't know that.
Steve: Now you do.
You: Ok. Let's go now.
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