Mission 20

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It is a great experience to wander around the new city y yourself. But it's newer too late to try an organized excursion. At least to see the difference. You're going to choose one the fits you the most.
Задание: Прочитай диалог с туроператором и пообщайся с ним.
Tour Guide: There are so many places to be visited on a sightseeing trip in our city that many tourist are having trouble narrowing it down.
You: I'd like you to help me figure out what to do today before lunch and later, spend the afternoon in an even more fun way.
Tour Guide: Local beach is a place that definitely can't be missed.
You: That would be a great and way to begin my morning. I don't like spending too much time on the beach, though.
Tour Guide: But don't you think it would be nice to get out in the sun for a little while at least?
You: Sure. But what else could be seeing?
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