Mission 18
Water-cooler banter

Гид в QuestEng
Hello, freshman. Congratulations! Your jo interview was fantastic. And you were hired on probation. You'll get a supervisor and your boss is about to give you some first day instructions and orders.
general words
colleagues - коллеги по работе
workmates - сослуживцы
co-workers - сотрудники
teammates - товарищи по команде
desk - стол письменный
cubicle - кабинка
stationery room - канцелярская комната
onboarding process - процесс адаптации
corporate language - корпоративный язык
settle in the company - прижиться в компании
hire - найм
probation (period) - испытательный срок
idle - бездельничать
working schedule - рабочее расписание
to do list - список дел
duties - обязанности
day off - выходной
working conditions - условия труда
vacation - отпуск
sick leave - отпуск по болезни
extra payment - дополнительная оплата
non-sociable hours - личное время
complete the orders - завершить заказы
workaholic - трудоголик
take time off work - взять отпуск
committed - привержен
dedicated - преданный
reliable - надежный
arrive on time - приезжать вовремя
salary - оплата труда
flexitime - скользящий график
shift work - сменная работа
overtime - сверхурочно
part-time - неполная занятость
full-time - на постоянной основе
nine-to-five - с девяти до пяти
dress code - дресс-код
department - отдел
top projects - лучшие проекты
take notes - делать заметки
duties - обязанности
unwritten rules - неписаные правила
useful things
Documents - документы
Stapler - стэплер
Memory stick - Карта памяти
Calculator - Калькулятор
Hole punch - Дырокол
folder - папка
rubber bands - резинки
paperclip - скрепка
office equipment and rooms
Photocopier - фотокопировальное устройство
Whiteboard - Интерактивная доска
printer - принтер
water cooler - кулер
reception area - зона приема
secretary - секретарь
section - секция, отдел
server room - серверная комната
conference room - конференц-зал
meeting room - комната для переговоров
Crunch the numbers - делать много расчетов
Put something off - задерживать выполнение
People person - социальный человек, который любит общаться с людьми
Have a lot on your plate - много работы и обязанностей
Eager beaver - увлеченный человек, который очень много работает
Hold the fort - нести ответственность за кого-то или заботиться о ком-то, пока других нет
A foot in the door - умудриться попасть в организацию, в сферу бизнеса, ... которая может принести тебе успех
up to your eyes in something - по уши в работе
be snowed under - по уши в работе
swamped with work - завален работой
useful sentences
Where can I find the IT department? - Где я могу найти IT отдел?
My computer is not working. - Мой компьютер не работает.
Where can I find HR? - Где я могу найти HR-а?
Where is the stationery? - Где канцелярские товары?
Can I book some time off?" - Могу ли я получить отгул?
Can you email me the details? - Можете ли вы отправить мне детали по электронной почте?
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Аудио-привет от гидов
Задание: Guides tell about their first day at work experience.
Alex – sales coordinator job interview
On my first day at work, I went straight to the stationery area and got myself some stationary: I grabbed a notebook and different pens. All because I have a stationary fetish. I love all types of stationary. Don't judge.
Your new desk is now your new home away from home. This is where you will be spending a lot of your time, even more than you would be spending at your real home.
I accidentally tipped over a cup of water near my supervisor's very expensive laptop an hour later. In a panic, I tried to grab the laptop without realizing it was attached to a number of different things including a monitor. The monitor nearly fell over, but it ended up well. Somehow, I still have the job. And I haven't felt that nervous ever again.
Лексика из аудио
judge – судить
tip over – перекинуть/ опрокинуть
grab – хватать
attached - прикрепленный
fall over – падать
First day at work. Steve
I was on cloud nine when I successfully passed the interview to my dream company. I was both excited and nervous on my first day.
On my first day, it was pouring terribly outside. Somehow, I finally managed to get to the office by 9:30. I was supposed to meet the HR. But because of the heavy rains, the HR-manager was very late to the office. It was around 11.30 when she finally came to see me. The moment she met me, she said there was a training session I need to attend. Five kilometers away from the office. I managed to reach the place by 12:30 and rushed to the room where the training was supposed to be already happening. I slowly opened the door trying not to interrupt the session.
The trainer welcomed me without asking any question. I occupied one of the vacant seats. In 15 minutes the trainer announced it was time for lunch. When everyone was rushing to attend the buffet, I thought it was good time to check with trainer on the relevance of the training, just then my phone rang. The call was from my HR who told me I was in the wrong room for the wrong training. It was embarrassing when it happened, but now it's another memory to laugh at.
Лексика из аудио
on cloud nine – на 7 небе (от счастья)
pouring = heavy rains - ливни
training session - тренировка
rush - спешить
interrupt – прерывать
vacant seat – свободное место
embarrassing – неловко
memory – воспоминание
First day at work. Alice
I was very anxious about my first day, so I prepared everything: I've laid out my first day of work outfit, packed my first day of work lunch, set aside my favorite mug for the first day of work coffee, and cleaned out my car for the first day of work ride. I was so ready for this.
(Actually, I wasn't)
Freelance has been my job for three and a half years before that. I found myself during this time. I discovered some hidden talents, I learned how to cook and I traveled a lot. I started a blog. I learned to be comfortable in my own skin without wearing make-up for over three days in a row.
But, now it was time. I was heading back to the big exciting and scary world of office work. I've done this before. I could do it again.
Лексика из аудио
eve - канун
lay out - выложить
outfit - наряд, одежда
set aside – откладывать, отставлять
hidden - скрытый
heading back - возвращаясь
First day at work. Elisa
During the meet-and-greet, as I was getting to know people, I was getting lazy with asking everyone's names and positions, so when I finally got to the last person, I said: "So what do you do here?"
It was the founder of the company. I asked The Founder of the company what was he doing there.
The end.
Лексика из аудио
meet-and-greet - знакомство
getting to know – знакомиться
founder - основатель
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