Полное имя:
Steve Pepper
Дата рождения:
November 18, 1994
Чем занимается:

My family had a small business in Berlin, just a couple of neighborhood coffee shops in Berlin. When I graduated from school I started to help my father run his business. After getting enough experience I decided to start my own business. It was a small cozy bar at first, then I opened a couple of e-commerce projects.

«ut since I was a kid, I loved watching Eddy Murphy's stand ups and spent most of my time watching comedies. So in my free time I wrote jokes and performed in local standup clubs. When I moved to Questing, I opened my own standup club and I still perform there on weekends.
Как давно живет
в QuestEng: 
7 лет
Chili Pepper
Жизненное мотто:
When nothing goes
right… go left
Где родился:
Berlin, Germany
Favorite movie:
Monty Python and theHoly Grail
Favorite book:
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Favorite food:
Monty Python and theHoly Grail
Favorite place to travel:
Southeast Asia
One thing Steve can't
live without:
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