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Question Tags

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Question Tags
Question tags are used in conversation to get a (positive) reaction from the person you are talking to.
That's not really difficult, is it?

2 basic forms:
positive statement → question tag negative → You are Tom, aren't you?
negative statement → question tag positive → He isn't Joe, is he?


Positive sentences, with negative tags

Present simple + be : She's a singer, isn't she?
Present simple + verb : They are going live today, don't they?
Present continuous : We're rocking tomorrow, aren't we?
Past simple + be : It was a great show yesterday, wasn't it?
Past simple + verb : He went to the party last night, didn't he?
Past continuous : We were waiting at the station, weren't we?
Present perfect : They've been to Japan, haven't they?
Present perfect continuous : She's been performing a lot recently, hasn't she?
Past perfect : He had forgotten his wallet, hadn't he?
Past perfect continuous : We'd been working, hadn't we?
Future simple : She'll come at six, won't she?
Future continuous : They'll be arriving soon, won't they?
Future perfect : They'll have finished before nine, won't they?
Future perfect continuous : She'll have been preparing all day, won't she?
Modals : He can help, can't he?
Modals : He must stay, mustn't he?

Negative sentences, with positive tags

Present simple + be : We aren't late, are we?
Present simple + verb : She doesn't have any appointments, does she?
Present continuous : The band isn't coming, is it?
Past simple + be : She wasn't there yesterday, was she?
Past simple + verb : They didn't go out last night, did they?
Past continuous : You weren't sleeping, were you?
Present perfect : She hasn't eaten all the cake, has she?
Present perfect continuous : He hasn't been running in this weather, has he?
Past perfect : We hadn't been to their show before, had we?
Past perfect continuous : You hadn't been sleeping, had you?
Future simple : They won't be late, will they?
Future continuous : He won't be singing tonight, will he?
Future perfect : She won't have left the show before it ends, will she?
Future perfect continuous : He won't have been travelling all day, will he?
Modals : She can't speak Chinese, can she?
Modals : They mustn't come early, must they?
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