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Passive Voice 2

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Passive Voice 2
The most common sentence‏‎ structure in English‏‎ is SVO‏‎ or
{subject} + {verb} + {object}
  • Gabby + read + the news.
As you can see, it has just one object.

However, sometimes a sentence will have two objects which are known as the direct object and the indirect object:
{subject} + {verb} + {indirect object} + {direct object}
  • Gabby + told + Alex+ the news.

Or alternatively:
{subject} + {verb} + {direct object} + [to/for] + {indirect object}
  • Gabby + told + the news+ to + Alex.

If you need to, you can sometimes make two different passive sentences if the original has two objects:
{direct object} + {passive verb} + {indirect object} …
  • The news was told to Alex [by Gabby].

{indirect object} + {passive verb} + {direct object} …
  • Alex was told the news [by Gabby].

Which one of these you choose will depend on the emphasis you want to give.
  • If the news is more important then choose the first.
  • If Alex is more important then choose the second.
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