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grammar training

QuestEng: Gerunds

Задание: прочитай теорию, чтобы далее выполнить задания.
Gerunds are verbs that act as nouns.

To find gerunds in sentences, just look for a verb + ing that is used as a noun.

Good news: there are no exceptions to this rule.
Bad news: present participles also end with -ing.

Present participles do not act as nouns, though.

Examples of Gerunds

  • Swimming in the ocean has been Elisa's passion since she was five.
  • Let's go dancing tonight.
  • I delayed telling Steve the bad news.
  • Alice decided that flying above the clouds was the most incredible experience she'd ever had.

Gerunds have several functions:

Function 1: subjects

For example

  • Skiing is my favorite sport.
  • Hiking can be very exhausting.

Function 2: objects following prepositions

For example

  • The job consists of typing, filing, and answering the phone.

Function 3: objects following certain verbs

For example

  • The children enjoyed watching the parade.
  • A friend of mine avoided paying her taxes until it was too late.

These verbs are commonly followed by gerunds.

advise, anticipate, appreciate, attempt, avoid, can't help, complete, consider, delay, deny, dislike, enjoy, finish, forget, go, hesitate, imagine, intend, keep, like, mention, mind, miss, neglect, postpone, prefer, quit, recall, recollect, recommend, remember, resent, resist, risk, start, suggest, threaten, tolerate, try, understand.
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